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Who we are

JS Technologies was founded in 2015 with the goal to provide innovative software solutions to clients with high quality and within the budget. The founders together have 40+ years of experience in software development industry and have great experience on building large scale mission critical solutions. We are actively engaged with clients across the globe helping them build enterprise solutions.


Web Applications

We have extensive experience in building enterprise Web applications of any scale.

Mobile Applications

We have expertise in building quick and cost effective mobile applications that suits your needs.

Voice Technologies

There is increased use of voice driven interactive solutions in recent times, moving slowly away from web and mobile. We have our share of contribution to the industry in this area. We have been helping our clients with building efficient customer care solutions and voice based services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud platform has taken over large part of corporate data centers and related management tasks. We have lot of experience in building solutions in the cloud platform (AWS in particular) handling large volume of requests with 99.999% availability and at low cost.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Tracking assets, Fleet management, improving productivity have never been so easy. Use our solution for all your Asset Tracking needs.

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